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To report a result you need to access the Report page.

To access the report page on the user menu on the top page choose the cup icon

Or from the player dashboard enter on the Results menu

On the report page you will have the follwing information

  1. When the oposite team or player submit a result, you will need to confirm and you can find the results to confirm here.
  2. The results you have submited and they are waiting for confirmation from your opponent.
  3. The matches that you have to play and to report the result.

To report a result click on Report and fill the required information

Its important you attach an images with the result of the maps. Only one attachment is possible (for now)

After you report the result, the report page will show the following

The player who will confirm the result will have the following information

To confirm the result click on Confirm. In case you don’t agree with the result and after you talk with your opponent he don’t change the result you can start a dispute.

To know more information about dispute click here.

After you click in Confirm

You can leave a comment and click on continue.

You can see the match information on your player or team profile.

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